Phase 3: Redefining Video creation phase

  • we are enhancing user customization options by introducing support for multiple presets and timelines. This feature empowers users to personalize their generated content according to their preferences and requirements, adding a new layer of versatility to our platform. With a range of preset options such as Cinematic, Creative, Vibrant, and more, users can effortlessly achieve their desired aesthetic.

  • Till now its always difficult to make images using prompt. For the first time ever, we introduce a Dynamic Image Generator dApp, where the image changes instantly depending on the prompt. Depending on the final prompt we will finally generate high quality image of it. This process simplifies image creation to next level.

  • Adjustable timelines ranging from 8 to 32 seconds allow for precise control over the duration of generated videos, catering to diverse storytelling needs. Till now there is no other model in market which can make video more than 4 seconds. We will be the first one to lead it.

  • Seamless Music Integration and video duration adjustment capabilities are introduced, enabling users to enhance their content with the perfect soundtrack and precise timing. These enhancements transform our platform into a comprehensive toolkit for content creators, empowering them to produce polished, professional-quality content effortlessly.

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