The tokenomics of XERO AI underpin the core functionality and sustainable growth of our ecosystem. The strategic distribution of tokens is designed to create a stable economic environment, incentivize various stakeholders, and ensure the long-term viability of the project.

Contract Address: To be Announced

Token Name: XERO AI

Ticker: XERO AI

Total Supply: 100 Million

Token Allocation Details:

  • Liquidity Allocation (85%): The majority of XERO AI tokens, 85% of the total supply, ensures stable trading environments and minimizes price fluctuations.

  • Marketing (15%): 15% of tokens are dedicated to marketing efforts, expanding awareness, and driving adoption, ensuring widespread recognition and growth.

Elevating Engagement with Buyback Benefits:

We're excited to introduce a unique buyback advantage for token holders. By actively engaging with our project and discussing it using our token ticker, holders stand to benefit even more. We'll set up engagement milestones for social media posts or tweets featuring our ticker name. Once these milestones are reached, we'll initiate a token buyback, increasing token prices and providing additional profits for holders. This initiative promises a win-win scenario with minimal effort required from both parties, encouraging community participation and rewarding holders for their support.

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